3 Conditions Treated by Mackay Physiotherapy

21 Aug, 2018 | Riley Chidley | No Comments

3 Conditions Treated by Mackay Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy Clinic

There are several numbers of conditions treated by the method of the physiotherapy with the treatment. While there are several specialties, the physiotherapy clinic focuses on curing musculoskeletal issues.  It means injuries affect nerves, muscles, joints, and bones. Physiotherapy is a particular way to treat the conditions that cause pain and reduces body mobility. The majority of the people have the concept the physiotherapy treats the back pain and sports injuries. You can come to the physiotherapist for reducing tension headaches, work-related problems, discomfort during pregnancy, arthritis and joint pain. Some other conditions are given below


  1. Running Injuries

As per the research, eighty-two percent of runners experience some kinds of injury in their entire career. It does not matter that which type of runner you are. You can join the physiotherapist for Achilles’ tendons, ITB pain, Stress fractures, Runner’s knee, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, and others. The qualified physiotherapist helps you in the following ways

Review your running techniques and style
• Address footwear and biochemical abnormalities
• Treats soft tissue injuries with acupuncture, heat therapy, joint manipulations, and point therapy.

  1. Tension Headache

There are the variety of causes that trigger muscles in the neck and head to contract. It leads to tension headaches. In the majority of the patients, this problem occurs due to the long period of looking screens, fatigue, eye-stress and poor postures. The physiotherapists help you in the following way.

With the help of the joint manipulations and massage techniques
• Reviewing the routine and rectify the postures of the patients
• Helps in maintaining the good posture in the upper spines.
• Offering short-term symptom relief

  1. Joint Pain and Arthritis

Arthritis is one of the degenerative conditions that affect the cartilage of the joint. It makes the movement of the body difficult for the patients. It leads to stiffness and pain. In the joints, when cartilage begins to thin and roughen then the ligaments and tendons become swell.  It causes bony spurs within the joints. Due to the major loss of the cartilage, bones start rubbing to the bone and alters the shape of the joints. It forces the bones out of their original positions. Arthritis affects the joints of the hips, knees, spine, and hands.

The MacKay physiotherapy is the ultimate option to treat all these problems. They help you introducing pain by doing some exercises and electric shock therapy. They offer heat packs to reduce the joint swelling.