What is Maca Powder all about & how is it produced to give your body excellent benefits?

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What is Maca Powder all about & how is it produced to give your body excellent benefits?

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Located near the Andes Mountains, maca is a tuber (root). The roots of this best maca powder plant have been eaten and fed to livestock for thousands of years by native peoples in the area. Their consumption improves mental acuity, energy levels, libido, and fertility. 

Cooked roots have traditionally been added to soups and other dishes. It was not just Latin America where maca roots were used for health and wellness in the 1990s. Powdered maca began to be produced in large quantities around this time.

What Is the Process of Making Maca Powder?

Let’s discuss about what is maca powder and how is it made! Roots are harvested and dried after harvesting. Both sun drying and drying in large ovens are standard methods of drying. A sun-dried maca root is of more excellent nutritional value since it does not involve high temperatures that could damage its essential nutrients. 

We then carefully wash the roots after they have dried. Some producers use chemicals to disinfect. We make sure that our solution is organic and 100% natural. A fine powder is then made by grinding the dry maca roots.

 best maca powder

What is the best Maca root variety for Maca powder?

The maca powder produced by different varieties of maca is another factor to consider. There are 3 color groups of maca roots: yellow/gold, red/pink/purple, and black. 

Each variety of maca root has its nutritional profile due to the color differences.

  • Powdered yellow/gold maca has been studied the most and is the most common. This maca powder is still the most commonly available on the market, with many benefits reported.
  • Black powdered maca is second in popularity. It has been sold for about ten years and is slightly darker in color. According to a study, black maca powder increases sperm count.
  • One of the rarest forms of maca is the red powdered maca. Some studies have shown that it shrinks the prostate because it contains more antioxidants and phytonutrients. In addition, it tastes a little sweeter. Red maca powder has become a favorite among maca lovers for these reasons.

What is the appropriate amount to use?

Even 1 teaspoon of maca powder per day can provide health benefits. One teaspoon of it per 24 hours is all you should take. Three days in a row of taking it, followed by two days off, is recommended. 

Smoothies, salads, and more can all be made with this best maca powder. However, you should not add it to hot foods, as this will destroy its health benefits.

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