Clear Care Contact Solution For Soft And Hard Lenses

31 Jul, 2020 | Riley Chidley | No Comments

Clear Care Contact Solution For Soft And Hard Lenses

clear care contact solution

There might be several brands of contact lens solution to choose from. Clear care contact solution for your lenses is crucial. If bacteria are allowed to manifest on them, you risk eye infections and possibly even blindness. For your health and comfort, know the differences between the different types of contact lens solution to keep your eyes in perfect health. Most supermarkets and convenience stores hold contact lens solutions in the section for over the counter medications.

Multipurpose solution for everyday contact lens users:

  • A single multipurpose contact solution and a case are all that will be necessary to keep contact lenses clean. A multipurpose solution is a combination of a disinfecting and cleaning solution. You will have to use a multipurpose cleaning solution by taking your contacts out, one at a time. and squirting it with your multipurpose solution. Gently rub the contact in the palm of your hand with the tip of your finger.
  • Swipe it gently in straight lines, not in a circle, to avoid tears to delicate soft lenses. If your multipurpose solution says that it is “no rub,” you can skip this step, but it would not hurt if extra debris is visible. Rinse the contact in the solution and store it in the appropriate side of the case. Be sure not to get your contacts mixed up.
  • Most of the time, a multipurpose contact solution is just fine for storing your now clean contact lenses. Place your clean contact lens in the right side of your contact case if it is from your right eye, and your left if it is from your left eye. Contacts should always be kept on the appropriate side to avoid mix-ups. Your prescription is most likely to be slightly different in each eye, and the eyes can be harmed if the wrong contact is used. Fill up the case so that the solution covers the contact and it floats. Screw on the cap.
  • If you have sensitive eyes or certain kinds of prescriptions, you might have to use a clear care contact solution. These might be used every day or once a week, and make the contacts more comfortable by removing the build-up of protein that forms in the eye during usage. You will not have to worry about this step unless your doctor says it is a necessary step in your contact solution routine. You might also want to keep a re-wetting solution on hand to keep your eyes moist.