Early Preschool Math Learning Strategy for Kids!

17 Oct, 2018 | Riley Chidley | No Comments

Early Preschool Math Learning Strategy for Kids!

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Children are inherently smart and develop their own set of unique expertise before going to school. At this age children are beginning to develop skills in English, mathematics and some general knowledge, in addition to social-competency. The aptitude of a child is recognised and developed by the teachers who are employed at early preschool Alstonville. Our highly educated, competent teachers are trained to detect the individual interests of a child and keep them engaged in their favorite activities, whilst inspiring them to learn new skills.

Literacy and numeracy are interesting subjects that pre-school students love to learn in preparation for their journey to school. Building these early foundations in a caring and supportive environment is critical to how a child engages when they enter the school environment. Our pre-school teachers have an innate ability to keep things simple and fun, making such subjects comprehendible for kids of all intellects. Our teachers are highly trained, enabling them to deploy a number of different strategies and techniques to engage all learning styles. Implementing learning through play always achieves good results for kids this age.

Literacy and numeracy skills are taught to pre-school kids to enable them to solve problems, analyse and make sense of information they receive, identify and understand patterns, and to help them make everyday choices. Everyday play activities, such as counting blocks, or food whilst cooking, or reading books, singing rhymes, etc, have a huge impact on literacy and numeracy skills. Our teachers try to incorporate these activities, together with basic skills like comparing shapes and sizes, and encouraging little ones to talk about nature and their environment, to help build a child’s confidence in prepartion for school.

The best teachers are skilled at educating groups of kids, and using this time as an opportunity to build the child’s capacity for self-regulation, compassion and cooperation.  If you are considering sending your child to kindergarten Alstonville, then you can be confident that the teachers at this centre are achieving great results with their kids. The Alstonville centre has a fantastic transition to school program and are accomplishing fantastic group learning goals. Parents at this centre are kept well informed of their child’s progress in line with the Early Learning Frame Work. For peace of mind, it’s worth visiting this fantastic early learning centre.