Floatation Therapy

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Floatation Therapy

It is suggested that Float spa is an act of using a “floating tank” for inducing deep relaxation and great health benefits for the patients suffering from stress, muscle tensions, and pains.

A float?

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Yes-spending an hour in a dark, soundproof room floating in a pool adjusting the body temperature.

Studies have shown the massive successful result of this therapy. Floating is a very powerful tool for fighting against stress and depression. The regular use of this therapy can be enhanced by the results.

Floating is a relaxing, fun, and effortless way to fight against stress. “The more you float, the better it gets”.



Use of Epsom Salt is great for your skin, hair, nails, as it acts as an exfoliate. They help with joint pain, ease stress, and naturally relax the body. Epsom Salts help prevent inflammation.


1000 pounds of salt in 180 gallons of water, enables you to flat effortlessly at the top of the water.  It creates a deep relaxing environment. There is no pressure on the body, which can provide 100% pain relief.  In this process, the whole body is regenerated.


An hour of zero gravity and zero distractions will decrease the stress hormone, leaving the body refreshed and serene. The brain enters the theta wave which is associated with deep relaxation and dreams.

Physical Benefits of floating spa

  • It helps in the increase of blood circulation.
  • Increase in body’s healing ability.
  • Pain management
  • Increased creative powers.
  • Helps in better sleep.
  • Deep relaxation.

Mental Benefits of floating spa

  • It is an instant meditation
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Reduce addictions
  • Soothe depression and PTSD
  • Fuels in productivity

This means anyone suffering from stress and other diseases like hypertension, heart problems, cancer, ulcers etc. must try a floating session to reduce their disease symptoms drastically. For many conditions, Floating therapy is the alternative of medicine or pill therapy which has become a need of the hour for most of the world population. Floating therapy is very safe, naturally proven and scientifically researched alternative in our modern age. and the good news is that it has no side effects like medical treatments.

There are different centers of Float spa in Perth

  1.       Becalmed Float
  2.       Salt Float Studio
  3.       Float Fremantle
  4.       Beyond Rest
  5.       Float & Restore
  6.       Life Spring
  7.       Odyssey Float Studio