Foster Carer Training In Lismore – Benefiting The Children

1 Oct, 2019 | Raymond Wilburn | No Comments

Foster Carer Training In Lismore – Benefiting The Children

Foster Care training in Lismore is a vital and extremely beneficial part of the Foster Carer journey. Our easy to follow, highly relevant and informative training will leave you feeling empowered, confident and capable in your new role as a Foster Carer. The high-quality and thorough training will also aid you in feeling prepared and with a great understanding of what is to come. Foster Carer training in Lismore provides quality training, equipping you with the right knowledge, skills and support – ensuring you are confident in caring for a foster child.

Although this is an exciting time considering becoming a Foster Carer, it is vital that you research and consider all aspects of the situation. Often a Foster Child will have experienced some form of trauma, abuse or neglect and this can be challenging for all parties involved. Our Foster Carer training Lismore will equip you with the appropriate techniques to handle these situations. You’ll feel confident and supported in your new role. For Foster Children entering your home from these situations, they require a steady and secure environment to feel confident and comfortable.

Often, Foster Children who originate from a temperamental family fall behind in school. When they enter a steady area, they have fewer stresses and can concentrate on their schooling instead. This is particularly obvious when the cultivate carer has the opportunity to give time to schoolwork and scholarly consolation. 

Requirements of becoming a Foster Carer:


  • There are no set Age requirements, although it is ideal and preferred that carers are able to provide long-term care for a Foster Child. All Foster Carer applicants must undergo a medical check. 
  • There is no discrimination on the basis of race, colour, sex, nationality, religion, lifestyle choice, sexual preferences or socio-economic grounds. 


  • Physical and mental health will be assessed to ensure that they are able to undertake the task of Foster Caring.
  • Foster Carer applicants should have adequate and safe accommodation. You can still become a Foster Carer even if you don’t own your own home, however, you need to be able to provide the child with their own room and ensure the quality of the property is up to scratch. 
  • A Foster Carer must be willing to work closely with the Foster care agency throughout the Foster Care period. Undergo the Foster Care Training in Lismore and participate in any ongoing training. A Foster Carer should have a clear communication process with the Foster Agency.