Healthy Food For Kids

25 Jun, 2018 | Riley Chidley | No Comments

Healthy Food For Kids

Kids need to eat fresh and healthy food and avoid eating non-junk food for them to stay healthy and fit. However, kids hate eating the nutritious and healthy eating and parents have to ensure their kids are eating right and also getting the required nutrition.Children are required to have enough nutrition in their bodies for them to grow and also to develop a healthy and robust body. Therefore, there is a need for children to regularly be offered food that’s rich in mineral, vitamins and other nutrients and also avoids consumption of food that processed with lots of refined sugar. Consuming processed food debilitates the children immune system hence having an adversely that affects their health and here is the main list of healthy food for kids.

According to Bristol stool chart kids nutritious foods are mostly associated with fruits however there are variety of healthy and also nutritious food that are super beneficial to the children health. Beans and fish do contain the lean proteins while calcium is gotten from the dairy items like cheese and milk and helps in strengthening and giving of healthy teeth and bones. The whole grain is found in cereals and bread and they are rich sources of fiber and the nutritious diets offers children with variety of body healthy benefit. The benefits include reduced chances of getting heart diseases, developing of osteoporosis, cavities and cancer. They must eat nutritious food for children include


Eggs are packed with DHA and proteins that helps in the growth of the children brain


The blueberries and strawberries are ideal for your kids and they are known to be the rich sources of antioxidants and vitamins.


Children don’t love Tuna but it’s filled with numerous nutrients that they need for their growth. Giving your kids tuna that is mixed with the lettuce making a yummy sandwich is super healthy for their development and you can try to mix it with cheese or rice getting right amounts of proteins.


Legumes like the black beans, baked beans, black-eyed peas, Lima bean and the chickpeas are known as the best sources of proteins. Additionally cereals also aid in the digestion and are fully packed with fiber.


 Cow milk is known to be the ideal source of calcium and protein for the kids and it also helps in development of brains. For the teen kids the calcium found in dairy helps them in having stronger bones.

These are some of the nutritious food you can give to your kids on a daily basis ensuring they eat right and develop healthily.