Inner Beauty is True Beauty of Woman

23 Nov, 2015 | Riley Chidley | No Comments

Inner Beauty is True Beauty of Woman

Beauty attracts everyone with qualities, excellence and features; it has mainly two types namely the outer beauty and the outer beauty. Outer beauty is all about the outlook that looks attractive and beautiful to human eye. But genuinely the real and true beauty is the inner beauty that lies inside every woman. No one can compare inner beauty with outer beauty, because both are entirely different with respect to nature and characteristics. Probably, the inner beauty has got more privilege than outer beauty and it remarkably has more importance in real life. There are many beautiful ladies present in the world and many of them have passed away and it never matters that a woman must be beautiful from looks. The one who realizes the inner beauty is the true lover of beauty.

Unfortunately, the world is giving protocol to those who are beautiful by looks; there is no value of inner beauty. Everyone runs behind the beautiful charming people who are good from looks. It should be badly discouraged, because there is nothing behind the outer looks. No one knows what lies inside the heart of a lady. Our judgments are not up to the standards and merits, as we see the looks, charm and attraction in woman. Beauty charms everyone because it has real charm for the world. Why we judge people form looks and outer beauty? It’s a natural phenomenon that we think like this, and everywhere we shall find the same thing no matter the place, culture and society. How this can be changed? No one can change ones’ thinking because it is a built-in quality of human. Not even it is included in character building, because character building is too much dependant on surrounding and family members, teachers and role models. The judgment and realization of beauty is something different, in fact it is totally different.

What if the woman is caught by any serious disease? Even her outer beauty is badly affected by that disease. If she is the lady of good moral qualities and still suffering from disease that her looks are gone. Despite all problems, her inner beauty is still there and exists in her then it is understood that no one can beat inner beauty when compared to outer beauty. It is the true quality that lies inside the lady that must be honored, respected and loved.

As time passes the opinions of people change about things such politics, games and entertainment etc. But the thinking about the beauty is never changed and people think with the same mindset that they were used to think some decades ago. This should be changed soon, because the only difference between the inner and outer beauty is to understand the difference between them. Irrespective of men, woman are the polite and soft creature in the whole universe and the very important thing that must be known is that; outer beauty is temporary, while the inner beauty is permanent and remain always present in woman wherever she goes, lives it always remains constant.

Source: Female Empowerment