Learn Steps of Fat Transfer Process

25 Feb, 2020 | Riley Chidley | No Comments

Learn Steps of Fat Transfer Process

fat transfer to breast

Fat transfer has become a common surgery lately. People, women especially, go for fat transfer to breast, and waistline. While in men, this practice is a little less common than women. If you are someone who literally wants to get such services, then the option is open for you, and you can make things work in your direction very easily just by knowing what are the various steps involved in it. Being patient, you should know about it in detail.

1.  Extraction

Most people like fat transfer to breast and the waist region of the body to make it more enhanced. For this, the first step is simply the extraction of fat from the body part that is having more than enough of this. It is taken out through grafting or surgery which is simple. There is no danger in this process, you can stay relaxed mentally.

2.  Processing

The processing is a long step and comes to the middle of the whole fat transfer process. In this process, the fact that s taken out is now processed. In the protocol, first of all decanting is done, after this centrifugation is made a part of it, while at the end the processing with cleaning is done to make sure that the fat is ready to be reinjected into that part of the body where it is required.

3.  Reinjection

This is the last step in the fat transfer to breast or any other organ of the body in which the fat that is taken out of some other part of the body is now taken to the portion where it is needed. You have to know how much improvement you need for this, and according to that, you can find out the one that is most important for that organ in the body. This is a crucial last step, so the doctor must be very careful as the results are defined by this effort.


Well, fat transfer surgery and grafting are a critical process which needs to be recovered the way you want. If you are well-informed, only then while hiring your surgeon for this, you will be able to evaluate him for these steps. You can have a proper discussion with the doctor and then you hire after satisfaction. We hope that our description of these steps is very enough for you to understand the process in detail.