Learning New And Basic Techniques At CBD Training Venue

10 Apr, 2020 | Riley Chidley | No Comments

Learning New And Basic Techniques At CBD Training Venue

We’ve come up with an introductory primer into basic first aid procedures to help people in the event of a minor crisis; that is until paramedics arrive at the scene or medical treatment is provided. The below tips are not a substitute for proper first aid training but can be an introduction to what you can do and provide you with knowledge when attending a first aid courses in Sydney.

Basic First Aid for Cardiac Arrest

As one of the most important techniques and medical procedures of all, Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is performed when a person is in cardiac arrest (when the heart is no longer pumping blood). If not performed, the person suffering cardiac arrest may die. 

These are the steps to take when a cardiac arrest is suspected:

  • Ask someone to call 000 or the medical alert system for your location.
  • Start chest compressions immediately regardless of your training. Compress hard and fast in the centre of the chest, allowing recoil between compressions. As soon as medical practitioners arrive, hand over this process to them
  • Anyone with first aid training can use chest compressions and rescue breathing
  • An AED (automated external defibrillator), a device taught about in CPR training, should be applied and used, without delaying chest compressions.

Basic First Aid for Bleeding

No matter what the severity, almost any kind of bleeding can be controlled. If the bleeding is mild, it will stop on its own. However, if the bleeding is severe and is not controlled, it can lead to shock and eventually, death. Make sure you follow these steps when faced with bleeding;

  • Locate gauze in a first aid kit (your training at a CBD training venue will show you what cloth of gauze to use) and cover the wound applying direct pressure in order to stop the blood flow.
  • Keep the cloth in place and add more layers if need be. Using the cloth helps clots form and thus stop the flow.

Basic First Aid for Burns

Make sure that you stop the burning process, such as flushing cool running water on the burned area for several minutes, before taking any other step. If there is the presence of chemicals, make sure that you clean them thoroughly and make sure that victims of sunburn will need to be covered up or taken indoors

Next, take these first aid steps:

  • Cool the burned area with running water for several minutes. Do not use ice
  • Apply a light gauze bandage
  • Do not apply any oily substances and remedies to the burn
  • Take ibuprofen if you’re experiencing any pain
  • Do not pop any blisters that may have formed

There are many other techniques and procedures that could help in the event of a medical incident. The ones we covered here are the most likely to happen. Visit us at Australia Wide First Aid for first aid training at your closest CBD training venue.