Physiotherapy for the Treatment of Back Pain

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Physiotherapy for the Treatment of Back Pain

Physio Auckland.

Today, physiotherapy services are presently widely sought by many people who are suffering from a selection of afflictions. One of the most common afflictions that many people suffer from is backache. Unlike years ago, we don’t usually go to see a doctor every time we experience problems with our backs. Today, we have another option and that’s the assistance of physical therapists like Physio Auckland.

People experience backaches in different ways depending on the specific affected area. The causes of the aches can range from injuries caused by motor accidents, diseases, or generally unhealthy lifestyles. The backache may be in the form of thoracic back pain or lumbar back pain.

Lumbar or lower back pain 

Lumbar or lower back pain is more of an ordinary happening with a range of causes. It may be due to a torn ligament, a slipped or herniated disc, muscular spasm, or simply plain poor posture. Even the act of lifting heavy boxes may lead to lower back pains.

Thoracic pain 

Thoracic pain usually referred to as middle back pain or upper back pain comes as a result of reasons such as degenerative disc illnesses. Additionally, it may be caused by a spinal disability. Sometimes, a constant repetitive movement in the upper body or even a joint dysfunction can lead to upper back pain. Because the upper back is more stable than the lower back, the upper back pains are less common.

Back pains may be minor and temporary, where a person will only feel a twinge of pain, some tenderness, or can be debilitating and recurring. People who suffer from chronic back pain are better off beginning therapy with licensed physiotherapists such as Hobsonville Physio. The relief is going to be more lasting for it will target the main cause and not only deal with the symptoms. For some, it’s a choice between surgery and physiotherapy with the former having a higher risk factor.

Treating Back Pains

When it comes to back pain physiotherapy, a combination of techniques is used in treating the problem depending on the cause of the condition. In case the root of the problem was spinal discs, only a licensed physiotherapist should work in restoring the disc into its actual position. Licensed or certified physiotherapists undergo extensive training to equip themselves with enough skills required to deal with injuries like herniated discs.


Physiotherapy can help you in achieving recovery faster without having to undergo costly and risk surgery. All you need to do is to see an experienced physiotherapist who will help you in restoring your body to its original shape. Physio Auckland is licensed and offer high-quality physiotherapy services. They are always there whenever you need them.

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