Proper Dental Care for Children

22 Oct, 2020 | Stephen Andersen | No Comments

Proper Dental Care for Children

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Dental care starts at a young age. That places responsibility on parents to show their children how to practice proper oral hygiene. Good dental health care ought to be maintained always to prevent dental issues from developing. Expert treatment is an essential part of children dental Pretoria health. Brushing, examinations, fluoride treatments, and flossing are some of the practices of dental care for children. 

Dental Care Right from the Beginning

Children Dental Health care ought to start during the infant and newborn years. Cleaning gums with a damp washcloth after a meal and putting a child to be with just a bottle of water help in preventing problems when teeth develop. When the first tooth germinates, parents ought to switch to a soft toothbrush to clean teeth at least twice every day. Before all first teeth are visible, the child ought to visit children dental Pretoria. 

Trial Visit to Dental Offices

Dentists who take care of children usually recommend a trial visit to expose the child to the dental office environment. Kids who brush their teeth daily ought to have a comfort level with the oral examination part of a dental visit. After a child gets permanent teeth, they ought to start flossing each night before bedtime. Dentists offer instructions on good flossing procedures though parents ought to monitor kids until they master the process. 

Applications of Fluoride

Additionally, dentists recommend that kids get professional applications of fluoride at least twice a year. Also, parents ought to administer systemic fluoride drops to infants and fluoride tablets to children during their teenage years. Parents ought to carefully monitor the amounts of fluoride ingested by children. Too little might lead to tooth decay while too much might cause white spots (fluorosis) on the teeth. 

Extractions or Braces

During the teenage years, extractions or braces of the tooth may be needed to prevent long-term dental problems. Children dental Pretoria recommends an orthodontic evaluation for children before age seven. Braces are utilized to straighten teeth and enhance the bite, which helps to prevent jaw issues and crooked teeth that might lead to tooth decay, chewing difficulties, abnormal tooth wear, and more.

Final Thought

Starting proper dental care during the early stages and continuing the regime throughout childhood can increase the chance of children practising good dental hygiene as adults. Parents should ensure the right children dental Pretoria health which may prevent the requirement for fillings and other dental procedures which are painful, invasive, and costly.