Using Tuning Fork In Sound Healing Events

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Using Tuning Fork In Sound Healing Events

Sound Healing Events

One of the oldest forms of healing is sound healing events or using sound healing tools and instruments. It has long been an ancient practice to heal with beautiful and calming sounds. Sound healing practice has been used for thousands of years and now it has been accepted by the science that there is a lot to do of sounds for healing any illness.

Sound Healing Events

This practice has been used in different cultures and religions such as chanting, singing, drumming, and different mantras have been a part of this kind of healing practice. There are different instruments that have been used in old times and are still in use for the same purpose, one of the examples of those instruments is the singing bowls.

Now, science has also provided different reasonings of what kind of effects we might get by using these ancients methods. It gives us a clear understanding of why tuning forks represent a simple but powerful system of sound energy healing.

Different instruments and things used as tuning forks:

In different regions, cultures, and religions of the world, different options have been used for sound healing tuning forks. In these times, different sound healing workshops are arranged in which different modern and ancient methods and tools are used as tuning forks. In these workshops, these forks are used singly or in a set of multiple forks.

One of the most famous examples of these is using the OHM tuner which is considered the primordial sound of the universe. In almost every region of the world, it is considered a sacred sound as well. Some crystals are also used as crystal tuners that are used to amplify the sound energy of the healing power of crystals.

Solfeggio forks are another type of tuning forks that have got a frequency of 6 or 9, it is considered to be an ancient musical scale. Each and every planet have their own frequencies and vibrations. The planetary tuners are tuned to different frequencies of different planets for healing.

Types of tuning forks that Sound Healing Events:

Various kinds of tuning forks are used for different purposes and these are either weighted or unweighted. In sound healing events, unweighted forks are mostly used in a way that the sound of the forks is transferred in th ear and it works on the energy field above the body. The vibrational energy travels along energy channels or meridians in the body that relieves muscle tension, bring relaxation, and relieve pain.

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