Things To Know About Surgery On Ingrown Toenail

23 Jun, 2021 | Riley Chidley | No Comments

Things To Know About Surgery On Ingrown Toenail

surgery on ingrown toenail

Surgery on ingrown toenail is not necessary in many cases because it can be treated in many ways, but sometimes, the problem is severe, and people cannot get rid of it without having minor surgery. People can also treat them in the home when early, but people should not waste their time and immediately visit the doctor to solve the issue.

Sometimes people use different remedies at home, but the problem remains the same and even becomes severe. Their toenails get infected, and then they visit the doctor. It is a very wrong approach.

When they visit the doctor or checkup, he could analyse the situation and give medication according to the situation. They can suggest some antibiotics or even some other methods, but they recommend ingrown toe surgery if the infection remains at the same position.

Many people are afraid of the surgeries as they don’t want to go through them. They don’t need to worry about it as it is a minor surgery, and most of the time, the doctors use local anesthesia. When they give the dose of local anesthesia, the patients remain awake, but that part gets numb, and the patient doesn’t feel any pain in that part.

Here is a list of a few common types of ingrown toenail surgeries that could help people know a bit more about it.

Wedge resection

In this kind of surgery, the doctors remove a small portion of the toenail to prevent its digging in the skin, which causes pain or many other problems. This kind of surgery is also known as partial nail avulsion.

surgery on ingrown toenail

Toenail removal

Sometimes the entire toenail removal is necessary for the patients as their situation is severe, and removing the toenail remains the only option to cure the patient. Removing the toenails is not the permanent solution for the patients as the nail grows again and disturbs the patient.

Tip of the toe surgery

If other surgeries are not suitable for the patients or even after the surgery, the problem is not solved. The doctors can go for this kind of surgery. In this kind of surgery, the doctors can reshape or remove the soft tissues at the toe’s tip.

Recovery tips are surgery

The recovery process of the surgery on ingrown toenail could take a few days to months. It depends on the surgery and diet of the patient.

Surgery on ingrown toenail

For faster recovery, the patients should use the NSAID after the doctors’ recommendations or keep them clean and wash them regularly to avoid any infection.

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