Techniques To Reduce Lower Back Pain Through Treatment In Brisbane

30 Aug, 2019 | Raymond Wilburn | No Comments

Techniques To Reduce Lower Back Pain Through Treatment In Brisbane

One of the most common types of pain in adults is lower back pain. The pain can either be short-term or chronic pain, depending on different aspects of your health and body condition. It is a discomforting feeling that occurs for a short period but can be quite painful. The leading causes of pain can be muscle pulls, spinal abnormalities or nerve irritation. These all can be treated differently depending on the type of pain it is.

Bed rest

The most basic type of lower back pain treatment in Brisbane is to rest. Giving your lower back ample time to relax is ideal as the constant activity may be the reason for the pain. Full bed rest is necessary, and nowadays it is preferred for the patient to lay down with a pillow under their back until the pain subsides. 

Lying on the floor with knees at a 90-degree angle can also help reduce the pain. You do not have to spend lots of time resting because if the pain is a normal one, it will getter better in a few days with a few hours rest. If it does not, then you might want to look for another method to ease the pain.

Apply heat or cold packs

You can either use ice or heat packs to help reduce the pain, depending on what you are more tolerant towards and place it on the area where it is painful. Keep it positioned there for 20 minutes and then see the results. It does ease the pain, and this can be applied as a neck pain treatment if needed.

See a physiotherapist

Another method of getting rid of the pain is through exercise or joint mobilisation treatment though it requires significant effort. However, if the pain persists, you may need to visit a doctor as it could be something more severe such as a misplaced disc or problems with your spinal cord.

The final option for lower back pain treatment in Brisbane includes medication, and this should only be prescribed by a professional as the wrong medication can be harmful to you. It is advisable to ask your physiotherapist before deciding on the medication option.