The true cost of hearing aid prices in Australia

5 Dec, 2016 | Riley Chidley | No Comments

The true cost of hearing aid prices in Australia

hearing aid prices in Australia

Australian hearing centres are often criticised for the high prices charged for their hearing aid devices. Complainers often use the example that prices are more than 65 percent lower in the US, when compared against Australian costs. This feeling is partly caused by the fact that government subsidies. This means that some people get hearing aids for free, or for a subsidy, while others have to pay thousands of dollars in order to receive exactly the same hearing aid. The majority of people in the country feel that hearing aid prices are much higher in Australia. However, there are particular reasons why this is so, and understanding the costs involved can help people feel more comfortable about choosing a device that meets their needs, and can help them to hear better in previously difficult environments.

Free of charge and top end hearing aids

There is a vast difference in price between the different types of hearing aids available in Australia. Most people know about the free services provided to some clients, but fail to realise that these devices are often the most basic, including ones that are behind the ear and in the ear, and are therefore more visible. While these can be basic, they may also involve features including noise reduction, directional microphones, and remote controls, although all of these will be at the most basic level and will not be in line with the most modern developments in hearing technology.

High-end devices will clearly cost more – thisis a standard for every part of modern life. It is estimated that around one in three patients will purchase devices that have these high-technology features, and end up paying thousands of dollars extra to receive them. The price of hearing aids will also vary between different technologies, and the amount of research and development that has been required. In most cases the higher the hearing aid prices, the more likely it is that they will be comfortable, and have extra features including noise cancellation, wind reduction, and be water resistant.

In addition to receiving your hearing aid, you will also be buying the assistance of the professional who will be handling your case. They will be responsible for making sure that you get a hearing aid that is able to improve your hearing quality and that it is suitable for your lifestyle. This is at least part of your cost.