Various Fertility Treatment Options for Couples with Reproduction Issues to Explore

21 Sep, 2020 | Riley Chidley | No Comments

Various Fertility Treatment Options for Couples with Reproduction Issues to Explore

Fertility Specialist In Johannesburg

Patients in South Africa, which includes Johannesburg usually, find success when they seek a fertility specialist in Johannesburg to help to find a solution to their infertility issues. Couples that are encountering problems in reproduction should take advantage of the amazing service that the specialist offers and ask about how they can be helped to achieve their goals.

In-vitro fertilization

Thanks to modern science and fertility medicine, reproduction treatments like in-vitro fertilization have made huge strides in providing effective solutions to couples experiencing reproduction problems. In-vitro fertilization is a kind of assisted reproductive tech that combines the egg and sperm in a lab before implanting the embryo into the uterus of the woman so that is may grow into a baby. That treatment and others may prove to be physically and emotionally draining on the couple as pregnancy may take time to achieve.

Egg donation

With the help of a fertility specialist in Johannesburg, couples can discuss whether fertility treatment is the most ideal option for them and consider all of the other options before pursuing treatment with any of the technologies available. Many services are offered by the fertility specialist that patients may want to consider. Egg donation is another process where women who are having issues getting pregnant with their own eggs can do so with a donor’s egg – another woman.

Egg Freezing

Another service provides at several fertility clinics includes egg freezing. Some women opt for this option to preserve their ability to get pregnant due to old age or medical complications that prevent them from doing so naturally. If you’re a woman and consider this option, you ought to speak with a fertility specialist in Johannesburg for more information and to know their candidacy for such processes.


Surrogacy is another process where a woman carries a baby for an individual or couple that is unable to carry a baby themselves. Conventionally, the surrogate mother is artificially inseminated with the sperm from the husband of the woman. The surrogate mother happens to be the biological mother of the child in this scenario as the baby got conceived from her egg. There’s the gestational surrogacy as well where the surrogate mother is implanted with the embryo formed from the couple’s egg and sperm and carries the baby to term.


Many other fertility treatments and services are available and couples having issues with reproduction can avail them. For those couples that don’t wish to have children anymore, there are services for them too. If you’re considering any of these services, speak to the fertility specialist in Johannesburg.