Why Physio Auckland Asks Questions While Examining Your Body

18 Sep, 2019 | Stephen Andersen | No Comments

Why Physio Auckland Asks Questions While Examining Your Body

Every physiotherapist asks different types of questions to know your level of pain and with the help of these questions they can have a good view about your pain. The physio Auckland is also there for your assistance they have years of experience in providing physiotherapies treatments to you. For initiating these treatments you are required to provide a complete history of your medical treatment or pain. While they are asking different questions that are related to your medical history, these questions are necessary because without knowing the actual condition of your pain they are unable to start treatment.

The main aim behind taking services from Auckland physio is to get quick relief from chronic pain that you are facing but for this purpose, you are required to give complete details with history of your pain. Also it is recommended to allow the physiotherapist to examine your body parts physically this will allow them to give you proper treatment.

They have years of experience in providing therapies to patients so they can easily handle all kinds of pains. Firstly they check your postures, any abnormal posture will help them to start their treatment. They use different methods and also examine your muscles and joints, any sort of weakness will be reported by your abnormal postures.

After Auckland physio has checked your muscles and joints physically then the next thing to consider is to check the level of pain. If you are facing chronic pain then they use different kinds of exercises to give you relief. Also they ask you to do different movements and report whether these movements reduces level of pain or it is making your pain worse. No doubt that the whole examination of your body is made through systematic ways so that there are rare chances that the treatment got wrong.

While you are performing movements in front of physiotherapists then the experts may also perform a number of examination manually. Once this examination of the parts or joints of your body has been completed then the next step is initiated carefully which is required to reduce the level of pain of the patients. It is not an easy task to put all of your medical history and examination of your body parts but physiotherapists are required to do it before they start treatment to any patient or individual.