Common Emergency Dental Services

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Common Emergency Dental Services

emergency dental services

Honestly, a majority of people must have visited a dentist at some point in life. Interestingly, most people contact a tooth doctor when it is too late. What are some of the popular emergency dental services?

Examples of Emergency Dental Services


It is not in doubt that a toothache is incredibly unbearable. It limits one from sleeping, drinking, or doing any other activity. For this reason, a patient has no choice but to contact a tooth specialist for tooth removal or painkillers.

Lost tooth fillings

Unfortunately, sometimes tooth fillings may peel off over time for multiple reasons. A sufferer may need urgent dental services to refill the gap to look better.

Tooth infection

Some people tend to ignore an oral infection till it degenerates. In such a case, such patients may need dental services emergency to treat infected gums. Unknown to some, periodontitis can easily trigger tooth loss.

Excessive tooth Bleeding

A client may need urgent dental services due to bleeding. Multiple conditions such as tooth infection, blood cancer, or gum injury can cause excessive bleeding.

emergency dental services

Cracked  tooth

Old age, chewing hard food material, or dental trauma can easily fracture a human tooth. Most experts advise such patients to seek urgent medical care, especially if they begin to bleed or experience sharp pain.

Tooth replacement services

Professionals such as boxers and kickboxers lose their teeth during competitions. Similarly, crime victims may lose a tooth, especially when they attempt to defend themselves against criminals. A patient may require urgent dental care if anyone knocks out any tooth.

Tooth abscess

Bacterial infection slowly causes an accumulation of pus around a tooth. If left unchecked, this dental problem weakens the tooth resulting in a sudden loss. The worst part about this oral problem is that it can spread to more teeth in no time.

How to Prevent a Dental Emergency

Is it possible to prevent a dental emergency? Yes, it is, especially if you are a sportsperson. For example, I advise all professional boxers and kickboxers to wear mouthguards.

Secondly, people should avoid substances, such as candy, as they may cause a tooth fracture. Finally, you should maintain high standards of dental hygiene to prevent gum infection.


Lastly, people need to have direct contact with a dentist, in case of an emergency. Nowadays, some dental clinics have multiple tooth specialists that provide emergency dental services in minutes. I advise you to get dental insurance to cover such emergencies.

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